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  • CA
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Operations category | 招聘人数3 | $500~1000
    Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for training on PC, APP, and intranet systems, as well as consulting and answering usage issues; 2. Responsible for promoting and implementing platform rules, supervising and managing the quality of the platform, and assisting brokers in optimizing platform products; 3. Diagnose operational issues with B-end products, empower businesses, and improve business quality; 4. Regularly conduct usage diagnosis with cooperating brokers/merchants, plan operational plans, conduct business training, seminars and other learning and exchange activities, and improve the online homework ability and quality of brokers. 5. Collaborate with production research, operations and other departments to optimize product functionality and enhance user experience. Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, with experience in sales operations or real estate related work is preferred; 2. Outgoing personality, with certain training and communication skills; 3. Have online thinking, keen market insight, adaptability, robust management ability and strong organizational ability; 4. Work actively and conscientiously, be good at planning work, and respond to various unexpected inquiries.
  • Sales manager
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Sales category | 招聘人数5 | 面议
    Job Description: 1. Expand, develop, and maintain local real estate customer relationships; 2. Complete the promotion and sales of company products; 3. Do a good job in after-sales service and product training; 4. Collaborate with various functional departments within the company to ensure the smooth implementation of customer needs. Job Requirements: 1. Fluent use of Chinese or English Cambodian languages; 2. Proficient in using computers and related office software; 3. Have a sense of responsibility, strong initiative, and strong service awareness; 4. Excellent understanding, communication, and coordination skills.
  • BD
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Sales category | 招聘人数3 | $550~1100
    Job Description: 1. Real estate agents expand, negotiate, understand needs, and ultimately complete signing and settling on the platform; 2. Analyze and study the situation of competitors and industries, develop response strategies and competitiveness improvement plans; 3. Regular maintenance of existing customers, maintaining good relationships and communication, understanding core demands, exploring potential brokers/merchants, and providing feedback to the production and research center if there are better product improvement plans; 4. Integrate industry cooperation resources and friend business partner resources, establish cooperative relationships, and enhance comprehensive resource capabilities; Job Requirements: 1. College degree or above, with experience in major customer, sales, public relations, cooperation and other related positions is preferred; 2. Good channel resources or customer resources in the real estate industry, familiar with business cooperation processes; 3. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, clear logical thinking; 4. Possess good organizational and coordination skills, be able to endure hardships, be calm, patient, and meticulous.