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  • Video editing
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Operations category | 招聘人数1 | 面议
    1. Responsible for the production and update of brand videos of the company\'s various channels; 2. Assist in the completion of the content/intermediary/new house and other departmental video production; 3. Organize and classify video content regularly; 4. Shooting of image material (including outside shooting); 5. Assist in writing the copywriting and script of the promotional film; 6. Complete other tasks arranged by the department. Job requirements 1. Fluent in Chinese, English and Cambodian, and communication is barrier-free; 2. Love video editing, and be proficient in synthesis production software and various editing software, such as: PHOTOSHOP, AE, PREMIERE, AI and other graphic design and video editing software; 3. Familiar with the video production process, video editing and format conversion, proficient in editing skills, have their own editing style and understanding of editing, and independently complete the post-production of the film (video planning, scripting, editing, packaging, music, etc.); 4. Have strong artistic skills, aesthetics and color grasping ability; Be able to propose design scripts and creative copywriting for online packaging, and carry out preliminary realizations; 5. Strong ability in writing, editing, integration, creativity, and keen information capture and analysis; 6. Have good team spirit and overall situation awareness, and have strong communication, coordination and organization skills; 7. Loving and dedicated to work, strong sense of responsibility, able to withstand greater intensity of work pressure.
  • Photographer
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Operations category | 招聘人数1 | $400-1000
    Responsible for taking photos of apartments and houses; Responsible for processing the photos that have been taken. Job requirements 1. Use the camera proficiently 2. Proficiency in using retouching software 3. Able to speak English / Chinese
  • SEO
    China·Chongqing | Technology category | 招聘人数1 | ¥6000-9000
    Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the optimization of the company\'s website Google SEO; 2. Develop overall website analysis, optimization, and adjustment strategies. 3. Site optimization: TDK adjustment, keyword analysis, keyword deployment, internal chain adjustment, etc.; 4. Off-site optimization: high-quality external links (white hat) and content construction; 5. Find and solve website problems, follow up R&D and make adjustments; 6. Collect and analyze industry data, make a targeted work plan; 7. Content planning and landing around keywords. job requirements: 1. College degree or above, strong English reading and writing and communication skills, rich English SEO experience, overseas study experience is preferred; 2. Experience in overseas property content operation or overseas brand SEO promotion is preferred; 3. Have certain independent content planning and operation capabilities, and at least 1 year of experience in English website content operation; 4. Familiar with website analysis tools, such as GA and other SEO tools; 5. It is better to have external chain resources. Benefits: 1. The company provides competitive salaries, comprehensive social security, and purchases five social insurances and one housing fund for entry 2. Enrollment can enjoy the pre-paid annual leave of the year 3. There is also an extra full attendance bonus 4. Mid-year and final assessments in January and July each year (a salary increase opportunity!) 5. Birthday party, birthday gifts, afternoon tea, holiday benefits, a large-scale team building event every quarter 6. Working hours: 9: 00-18: 00, large and small breaks (if you mind, please don\'t disturb), plan to adjust to double breaks in the second half of 21 years
  • 房产经纪人
    China·Chongqing | Sales category | 招聘人数7 | 面议
    职位描述: 1.收集社区楼盘及商圈生活配套信息,并根据客户需求,帮助客户完成房屋交易、租赁、资产管理等业务; 2.通过自身拓客,公司资源、贝壳网等互联网平台及工具完成房客源的开发与维护,为客户提供全流程房产交易服务; 3.参与商务谈判,负责业务跟进、客户信息登记及客户关系维护,与客户建立长期良好的业务合作关系; 4.深度挖掘客户需求,为其定制相应的资产管理方案与基础房产法律咨询服务。 任职资格: 1.年龄20到35周岁,对房地产、金融、互联网感兴趣者优先; 2.气质亲和,具有较强的沟通能力,有良好的服务意识; 3.诚实守信,具有较强的团队合作意识,积极乐观,勇于挑战; 4.具有较强的学习意愿以及自主学习能力,抗压能力强。
  • 门店店长(房产)
    China·Chongqing | Sales category | 招聘人数1 | ¥15000-25000
    岗位职责: 1.参与制定项目销售计划及营销方案,负责计划和方案的执行及策略调整; 2.负责销售员的招募培训及团队建设,确保项目良性运作和培养后续梯队; 3.指导和督促销售员的日常工作,带领团队完成销售任务; 4.负责销售报表的核对确认、上报及工作文件管理,销售回款与协助结账工作; 5。负责向销售员培训公司的各项规章制度及会议精神。 任职资格: 1.有3年及以上房地产销售团队管理工作经验; 2.掌握房地产新房渠道交易、二手房交易、租赁交易等相关流程; 3.具备一定的市场意识、创新意识及开拓能力,富有职业素养及客户服务理念; 4.具有良好的团队意识和培训能力; 5.有销售团队管理经验且带团队入职优先考虑。 由于门店正在筹备中,前期工作地点为渝北区财富中心,后期前往门店工作,门店地址位于沙坪坝大学城